Thursday 15 May 2014

Can we achieve a good coaching relationship with only texts or emails?


Today I had the pleasure to speak at some length about the e-coaching process proposed by e-CoachPro with one of the founders of e-CoachPro, Anne Ribbers.

Anne Ribbers and Alexander Waringa created e-CoachPro as a platform to support the training, accreditation of text based e-coaches, and the following client engagement on a remote basis. Backed by a research grant from the Dutch government the eCoachPro team have researched writing based coach to client interaction for leadership development purposed.

Take a look at the new English translated site for eCoachPro.

Although many e-Coaches use telephone, video coaching (via Skype for example), Anne has seen coaches who have ceased to use video coaching after experiencing the strong, productive relationships developed with clients using this flexible written word only approach.

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