Business Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports a client in achieving specific business goals either face to face or via remote connection

Being a director or senior leader in a business can be a lonely place. When considering future strategy it may be difficult to find someone inside the business that you feel comfortable with discussing future "what if" scenarios. That's one of the key benefits of having your own business coach who is knowledgeable, positive and confidential.

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Always busy but not making headway?
The coaching sessions provide an opportunity to step out of the business day to day issues and to "work on the future business" rather than "working in the existing business".  This provides the key opportunities to plan and make progress on creating a better business in the future.

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When will you be able to take a holiday?
Many business owners work hard to make a successful business but feel that they cannot afford to risk that success by being away from the business. The truth is that if you can't go away from the business and leave it in the capable hands of your staff then what you have is a job not a business! Use your coach to help plan for a sustainable business that works well even if you are on holiday or sick or on the golf course.
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Many business owners find the pressure of creating and maintaining a successful business to be all consuming. There seems to be no time for retirement planning. Who would look after the business? Who would buy the business if the business founder left? Would the business have any value without the founders knowledge? All of these issues will prevent you creating business value to support your retirement. Find time now to talk through an exit plan with your coach. You don't have to use it until you are ready but every step you take will strengthen your business.
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Richard uses the GROW Model to structure discussions and was trained by LeaderShape and Qualified at the University of Chester in Business Coaching and Facilitation of groups.

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Coaching Qualifications by the University of Chester