General Innovation Links

  1. BIS - UK Government Department for Business Innovation and Skills
  2. NESTA UK Innovation Think Tank
  3. Seth Godin and his books
  4. Seth Godin Blog
  5. Innovation Excellence
  6. Top 40 Innovation Blogs 2013

What is Innovation?

A simple word and a simple question but not a simple answer. Different people mean different things by innovation. Sometimes it just means new or novel. I think there is a little more to it than that. 

What do you mean by innovation?

Innovation Process

If innovation is defined as the bringing to fruition of novel ideas,  such that the benefit is realised, it's easy to see that there is a process involved in it's delivery.
The innovation process includes idea creation (Ideation) and creativity, Evaluation and selection of ideas worth developing and finally the implementation or realisation of benefits (commercialisation in the business context).

Here are some of the more interesting websites which address the Innovation Process:

Ideation and creativity

  1. Wikipedia on Idea Generation or Ideation
  2. CreatingMinds Innovation Tools
  3. Seven strategies for generating ideas

Evaluating and selecting ideas
  1. Innovation Excellence - How to evaluate ideas
  2. Harvard Business Review - Evaluating ideas
  3. Tim Kastelle - 10 ways to select ideas
  4. British Quality Foundation - Selecting ideas

Implementing innovation

  1. 10 Solid Steps
  2. HBR - Segment your non customers
  3. Trendsspotting - Innovation starts within
  4. Frugal innovation
  5. ISIS


  1.  University of Southampton Commercialising your IP
  2.  I Mech E Course on Commercialising Innovation
  3.  Centre for Collaborative Innovation - Malaysia

Innovation Tools
  1. Business Model Canvas
  2. Business Model Canvas explained 
  3. CreatingMinds Innovation Tools
  4. The Strategic Vision Pyramid
Open Innovation

  1. Open Innovation from Henry Chesbrough
  2. Induct - Open Improvement software
  3. Open Innovation - a UK perspective
  4. UK Open Innovation Project
Business and Innovation Courses

  1. MOOC list
  2. I Mech E Course on Commercialising Innovation
  3. Innovation Management - Futurelearn MOOC/Loughborough