Wednesday 4 June 2014

How to improve performance of remote workers

This article asks is your business ready for remote working?
When you have a significant out of office team, and large international companies have this already,  put some thought into how that team and it's individuals will be developed.  For senior directors and managers, remote coaching is a highly effective way of increasing performance through increased reflection, clarity and focused actions resulting from the opportunity for reflection during the sessions.
Remote coaching offers:
- Cost effective development of remote staff, wherever they work
- Convenient timing
- Reduced staff isolation when working remotely
- improved performance

Monday 2 June 2014

Ideas not needed !

Many people still associate innovation with idea creation.  Innovation is much more than that as shown in this article which includes results of a US business survey of needs around the innovation arena:

As they say '10% inspiration and 90% perspiration' - good teams and hard work implementing new ideas is what most companies need help with.

See Oxford Innovation's Open Improvement service.