Thursday 6 October 2011

General purpose coaching versus specialist advice

Finding clarity for your business innovation and growth>

 I am a complete convert to the power of non directive coaching to create clarity for business leaders. The dilemma is that most leaders find it easy to see problems occuring in their business - e.g. lack of growth, reducing margins etc - but don't immediately jump to the conclusion that a coach would be a good place to be to gain help.

Initial thoughts are about solutions for what we find in our businesses that we would like to change. That focus on specific problems encourages us to look for specialist advisers or consultants to fix the problem for us. But what if there are deeper problems or other ways of tackling the solution? Well true, non-directive coaching is an extremely effective way of seeing clarity of direction in confusing or intractible business situations. It can often be all that is needed to re-energise a business leader to take clear and decisive action. At the very least it will ensure that you have adequately thought through the situation with an interested but impartial business person to identify the right specialist to bring in.

If you wonder how to deal with difficult team dynamics, if you don't know how to deal with market changes or new competitors, or if your business planning to support your retirement always takes a back seat but it is becoming a worrying necessity, or if you want to sell your business or buy another one - then you need a business coach to explore the decision fully and reach your OWN decision not an advisers or consultants view of what you SHOULD do.

So, I've spoken of the value of good, non-directive coaching but does that mean  there is no place for a coach with specialisms? I don't think so. When you discuss issues with a coach it is always easier if the coach knows what you are talking about without too much definition and explanation. Rapport is much easier to achieve when the coach has some relevant background. So, we engage with a business experienced business coach and when the business in question is high tech I would recommend that you engage a coach who has some relevant background to more easily understand the issues you need to explore. So, it's not because I want to tell you how to run your business that I include on my website/blog some of my past experience. It is in order to focus on the types of business where the coaching progress would be swift, knowledgeable and insightful in your business context.

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