Friday 25 April 2014

E-Coaching is better than face to face

E-Coaching is better than face to face! That sounds counter intuitive to many coaches. But before anyone jumps on the phone or social media to complain I had better add the caveats.

The other day I held an E-Coaching session with a web start up business. As is typical with start up entrepreneurs there is significant movement across the coaching, mentoring, advising spectrum during the session to add maximum value. Always a difficult balancing act and one I try to manage by being clear when the open questions move into mentoring experience being offered.

During the session the discussions around target market and how to engage with those potential customers moved toward the web site under development. Because we were already  in an online interchange it was a simple matter to share screens so I could see the web pages being described by the coachee and craft new questions based on a much richer understanding of the business being developed.

It also helped that we had met face to face for an introductory session not long before the E-Coaching session. This meant that rapport had been established earlier and therefore it didn't take long to re-establish at the start of the online session.

So in this case, my opinion, and more importantly in the coachee's opinion, was that E-Coaching was undoubtedly the best way to have completed this coaching meeting.

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